[E3 2017] Sink Your Teeth Into the Latest 'Vampyr' Trailer! - Bloody Disgusting
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[E3 2017] Sink Your Teeth Into the Latest ‘Vampyr’ Trailer!



Just in time for E3 is Dontnod Interactive’s newest trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Vampyr. Set for release this November, the game is looking gorgeous, and definitely looks like it’ll be worth the wait since its announcement last year.

For those in need of a recap, the game takes place in London just after WWI, and after the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. The player is thrust into the role of one Jonathan E. Reid, a mysterious doctor recently turned into a vampire. You’re not the only bloodsucker around, however, as the trailer shows. The player will have to scout out his victims by studying their habits, collecting clues and maintaining certain relationships by communicating with the inhabitants of London. Anyone can be targeted, but in doing so, the resulting deaths will have consequences for the player.

Pre-orders are available now, with an added bonus DLC if you do so. Vampyr will be available for PlayStation 4, PC and XBox One.

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