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So How About That ’47 Meters Down’ Ending? Director Explains



Spoilers. Obviously.

Released this past weekend, director Johannes Roberts’ 47 Meters Down brought a truly nightmarish premise to the big screen. During a shark dive, two sisters find themselves trapped in a cage at the bottom of the ocean. They’re running out of oxygen. And hungry sharks are just waiting for them to make an attempt to escape.

How does the film end? Well, there are actually two endings to 47 Meters Down. The first one is a fake-out, as Mandy Moore’s character hallucinates that she and her sister have been rescued. The actual ending, as we soon realize, is that Moore’s character survives, while her sister doesn’t make it out of the water alive.

As Roberts explained to Crave Online, he fought hard for the ending we saw on screen.

I had a lot of battles. I had to fight quite hard to keep that ending, the way we finish it,” he told the site. “It’s possibly a ballsy way to go. But yeah, I think there were various different ideas along the time, but… it suddenly became so obvious. That’s the way it has to go. Yeah, we really fought with it, fought for it.”

Roberts explained that he did at one point cut together a version of 47 Meters Down wherein Moore’s character was left for dead at the bottom of the ocean.

Shot that with a camera just leaving her, dead, and that was so bleak!” he recalled. “I kind of liked it but it was so bleak that we actually [had] give it some upbeat.”

Bleaker is sometimes better in horror, don’t you think?

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