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Custom-Made Freddy Glove Has a Badass ‘Hellraiser’ Twist



Freddy vs. Pinhead would be cool. But how about Freddy PLUS Pinhead?!

Many fans over the years have spent hours meticulously recreating Freddy Krueger’s iconic killing glove, putting official replica releases to shame with metal and leather creations that look like they were stolen off the sets of the films. Every glove from every movie has been recreated by fans… but some fans don’t like staying inside established boxes.

Over the years, we’ve seen mash-up Freddy gloves that join the worlds of Elm Street and other franchises such as Friday the 13th, Re-Animator and even Phantasm, and one glove-maker just made what is perhaps the coolest Freddy glove of them all: the “Hellbound Hell-Razor” glove, a tribute to Hellraiser by way of Elm Street!

The prop-maker behind Nightmares Unlimited explains…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, in celebration of the Hellraiser 30th anniversary, the Hellbound Hell-Razor glove. A long time in the making, a lot of planning went into this mash up!

Complete with Lament Configuration glove stand, everything you see was made in house. The glove features a full brass armature, steel chains and hooks, and a full leather glove dyed mahogany with hand drawn woodgrain, black chain, and brass clasp and balls.

Check out the epic Hell Glove below!

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