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The Official ‘Predator’ Fan App Just Launched



Don’t worry, it’s free. And it’s pretty damn cool.

Now available on iOS and Android mobile is the Predator Official Fan App, a celebration of the Predator franchise and the forthcoming release of Shane Black’s The Predator. The app is your one-stop shop for all things Predator, packed with news, vintage throwback photos, trivia games, and even Predator emojis!

The interactive experience allows fans of the franchise to, well, interact with one another and even participate in special challenges to unlock rewards and exclusive content. Through playing games and going on special in-app missions, you can collect skulls that allow you to level up from “Young Blood” to experienced Yautja elder.

Paired with the website, the official app will provide fans around the world a place to organically interact, consume more content and build direct relationships. Helmed by community managers who will drive content and interactions within the platform, the Predator Official Fan App will empower fans through content that runs the gamut from tongue-in-cheek think pieces, to fan-fiction, to behind-the-scenes revelations, to detailed analysis of past films.

The Predator Official Fan App includes:

  • SKULLS. Participate in forums, complete challenges, and submit your own fan content to earn skulls, unlocking special features, videos, stickers, and more.
  • RANK UP. Use skulls to rank up from a Young Blood to a Yautja leader for more exclusive content. Unlock various Predator emojis.
  • THE RUNDOWN. Head Hunters Tory and Dave bring you up-to-date clan content with weekly coverage of Predator news, interviews, fan interactions, humorous sketches, and more.
  • FORUMS. Visit the forum to connect with other recruits to discuss all things Predator.

Download the app today and start digging in!


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