How 'Annabelle: Creation' Literally Brought David F. Sandberg’s Dreams to Life - Bloody Disgusting
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How ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Literally Brought David F. Sandberg’s Dreams to Life



Some of the best scenes in Annabelle: Creation involve a toy gun that shoots a ball attached to a string. Once shot, the ball can be reeled back in with a little wheel on the gun. Lulu Wilson’s Linda wields it against Annabelle herself, and the gun itself is pretty cool looking. Even cooler though is how Sandberg came up with it.

That actually came from a dream I had” he explained to us during a chat a couple weeks ago. “When we were in pre-production I dreamed that scene pretty much, like I was watching the movie almost before we had shot it and I woke up and wrote that down immediately and then I sent that to [writer] Gary Dauberman: ‘is this something we can put in the movie?’ And he was like, ‘Why don’t I have dreams like that?’”

At this point I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The toy gun stood out to me in the film as something that looked like it could exist as a joke weapon in Fallout 4. Being told that it was brought to life from a dream was awesome. I excitedly asked him to tell me more about it.

So yeah, we found a place to put it in, which was really cool because the prop guys built that thing which was from my dream and I got to mold it and play with it,” Sandberg explained. “That was the weird thing. I don’t know where that came from in the dream but I’d never seen that, a pop gun with a reel on it, but somehow my brain put that together.”

I think the biggest reason Annabelle: Creation works so well is that Sandberg is so clearly in love with both the genre and the story he sets out to tell; he was coming up with ideas in his dreams, after all! The same level of care resulted in last year’s Ouija: Origin of Evil, so it’s a good thing that Warner Brothers took a page out of Universal’s book and actually put an effort into making a genuinely great follow-up with Annabelle: Creation.

If you want to see the toy gun in action, the full clip is below.