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[PAX West 2017] ‘Nightmare Creatures’ Getting Rebooted



Being away from the internet for the long weekend leaves you with surprises when you get back. Like the announcement at PAX West that Nightmare Creatures would be getting a reboot!

At a PAX West panel entitled “Reboot! Bringing Back Older Game Genres and IPs”, developer Albino Moose announced that they’ll be handling the resurrection of the 1997 cult classic (minus defunct original devloper Kalisto Entertainment and publisher Activision), which is to be set before and after the events of the first game. How exactly did Albino come upon the license? Well, it turns out that Activision had let the rights lapse, and that it was up for grabs.

Now, to be fair, the original game (and its sequel) were only so-so in terms of quality. Personally, I thought they were trying to be Resident Evil mixed with Tomb Raider, but with lame controls. Time hasn’t been kind to the series, either, as they’ve aged quite poorly. Still, for a series that visited gothic horror before Bloodborne got its mitts on the theme, it does have some charm. Let’s see just what Albino Moose has in store for the series.

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