[TGS 2017] See Chris in Action With 'RE 7's "Not A Hero" Gameplay Footage - Bloody Disgusting
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[TGS 2017] See Chris in Action With ‘RE 7’s “Not A Hero” Gameplay Footage



Capcom is gearing up for the release of Resident Evil VII‘s “Not a Hero” DLC, and what better way than for someone to have snagged eight minutes of footage from the demo at the recent Tokyo Game Show conference?

The footage in question is taken from Capcom’s Resident Evil panel, and features gameplay footage with presenters talking (in Japanese) about the new content. The footage features series stalwart, Chris Redfield, doing Chris Redfield things (save for punching boulders with his freakish arms), and showing off some new features. Of note are Chris’ new moves (such as with his trusty knife), the inventory system (which includes showing off Chris’ sweet-looking firearms), and the game’s revamped HUD.

As you can seen from the footage, the DLC takes a departure in tone from the main game, and leans more towards the action-oriented gameplay that involved Chris back in RE5. Hopefully the previous delay and time spent tweaking this DLC will be worth the wait. “Not A Hero” (which launches alongside another DLC for the game, “End of Zoe”) hits December 12th.

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