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Critically Acclaimed Cannibal Film ‘Raw’ Just Landed on Netflix!



This month is a great one for horror on Netflix, kicking off with yesterday’s streaming release of brand new sequel Cult of Chucky – we must again warn you that the version on Netflix is Rated, and does NOT include the awesome post-credits scene.

In the wake of the new Child’s Play film comes one of this year’s most acclaimed horror movies, Julia Ducournau‘s Raw, also now available on Netflix!

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Brad, like most who have seen Raw, was a huge fan of the film, writing in his review that it’s “riveting, tense and absolutely stunning.” He continued, “This cannibal flick is timeless and will connect with young horror fans for years to come, making it an instant classic and possible all-time great.”

In Raw

Garance Marillier portrays the teenaged Justine, who commences her studies at veterinary school to follow in her family members’ footsteps. Raised as a vegetarian, Justine is pressured at school to try meat for the first time. Once she does, she plumbs both the depths of her own soul and tests the limits of her darkest cravings.

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