'Prototype Mansion' Throws Back to Classic 'Resident Evil' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Prototype Mansion’ Throws Back to Classic ‘Resident Evil’



Old-school survival horror may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t stop some developers from revisiting the heydays of the genre. Take Jupiter Lighthouses’ Prototype Mansion, which just had its first trailer posted, which immediately brings to mind the very first Resident Evil game. Blocky polygonal models? Fixed camera angles? Slow-opening doors that transition from one area to the next? It’s all here. And don’t forget those zombies!

The game has you playing as Detective Lady Detective as she and her partner “do a thing” in a spooky mansion. Now obviously, Prototype Mansion pokes fun at Resident Evil (and if you’ve played the original, you know why). In fact, if you head over to the game’s official site, the developers have a little fun with things. Right down to the story that they found Prototype Mansion “in a bin out back”. And hey, at $1.99 USD for the game, how can you not take a chance?