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‘Neverending Nightmares’ Receives iOS release and a Manga Treatment!



Fans of 2014’s Neverending Nightmares are in for a treat, as the game is being relaunched as a Manga! In addition, iOS users can also now download the game from the App Store.

The prologue and first chapter of the ten chapter manga was released this morning on Pixiv, and will continue to release a new chapter every month for the next eight months. Inspired by the same plotline as the game, the manga “provides a fresh and distinctive experience, utilizing the strength of imagery and written words to its advantage”. The manga also serves as a loose adaptation of the game, changing or reinterpreting many of the individual plot lines. It will also lean heavily on the game’s original art style, and disturbing imagery.

In Neverending Nightmares, players take on the role of Thomas, who is suffering from a seemingly-endless string of nightmares, often involving the death of his sister, Gabby, or Thomas himself. Thomas must discover which of the horrors he encounters are a manifestation of his own psychological state, and figure out what will be his reality when he wakes up.


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