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‘Darkest Dungeon’ Descends onto the Nintendo Switch January 18th

After teasing fans back in October, Red Hook Studios have announced that their hit dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon will hit the Switch (sorry) January 18 for $25. You can also get the expansions, The Crimson Court for $10 and The Shieldbreaker for $4. More accurately, it’ll be on the eShop once the date arrives.

For those who want to play the game on the go, Red Hook heard you, and is adding touchscreen controls to this version for people who play in handheld mode. The developer is also planning to launch The Color of Madness expansion on Switch, but it hasn’t determined a release date for that piece of DLC as of yet.



  • Collin

    If you haven’t played it I highly recommend doing so. It’s brutal but great

    • sliceanddice

      Yeah! though shamefully…. i play with that super hero mod 🙁 too hard for little old me.

      • Collin

        I have yet to actually dive into the mods but I can see how it’d be too much for some who still want to experience it. I LOVE the game but even I will admit there are parts that feel flat out unfair (I once lost a hero to a group of maggots that ambushed me after camping, ruining my run at a boss). If you ever feel like its too much just remember you can also look something up! The game was designed to promote community discussion

  • Saturn

    So the seated guy, is he based on everybody’s favourite shop assistant?

    • Collin

      If I’m not mistaken he is the Highwayman class from the game (think assassin). Other two are Graverobber and Bounty Hunter.

  • zombie84_41

    Idk bout you guys but switch is making me

  • captaintrips

    I gave a switch but almost no games……maybe I’ll be impulsive and give this a shoot.

    • Collin

      Want some recs based off what I’ve enjoyed? I have a good sized collection after my first year

      • captaintrips


        • Collin

          These are all games I’ve enjoyed:
          Zelda botw
          Mario odyssey
          Steamworld dig 2
          Batman a telltale game series
          Xenoblade 2
          Shantae half genie hero
          Bulb boy

          I have also played a bit of Thimbleweed park and its good so far

        • Collin

          Retro city rampage is also flawed but fun

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