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‘Diablo III’ Rumoured to be Headed to the Nintendo Switch?



As Brian Glover once said, “This is Rumor Control. Here are the facts.”

According to an article on Neoseeker Blizzard is currently developing a port of Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, their source states that Blizzard is “looking to implement local play with multiple Switches, allowing you to team up for local co-op action”. Of course, there’s no saying who/what their “source” is to back up their claims other than it being their “source”. The article goes on to say that the game could be announced at Nintendo’s E3 event in June, or Gamescom and Blizzcon later in the year, with a release in 2019.

Now, I don’t want to say that this is just garbage rumours for clicks, but without even the hint of slightly legitimate proof, I have a hard time believing that Blizzard is looking to port to the Switch. However, the possibility of taking the game on the go, and having co-op with a buddy, is definitely intriguing. Plus, since the Reaper of Souls (and to a lesser extent, the Rise of the Necromancer DLC), Diablo III has actually come a long way from when it was released back in 2014.

Really, who know what Blizzard is going on about these days? Hell, we’re still waiting to see if Blizzard is finally going to pull the trigger on remastering Diablo II. I guess we’ll find out as June approaches.


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