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‘Demon’s Souls’ Servers Shut Down Tomorrow



In another example of the sad inevitability of modern games that utilize an online component, as it was announced last November, From Software’s 2009 hit Demon’s Souls will have its servers turned off on February 28th, making many of the game’s unique features inaccessible. Originally, the US servers were scheduled to be turned off back in 2012, but fans rallied and US publisher Atlus granted the servers a stay of execution.

Starting tomorrow, players will no longer be able to take part in online co-op or invasions when playing Demon’s Souls. In addition, the leaderboards, wandering silhouettes, other players’ bloodstains, and the hints and messages written by other players will be gone from the game. For those wondering, the specific boss battle that involved fighting other players summoned by the boss will still exist, but will be modified to just have AI summoned.

Yeah, it’s a bummer that one of the most difficult yet awesome RPGs of the past generation will be without a component that made it so much fun. But, we still have consolation in Demon’s Souls‘ several spiritual successors, not to mention the upcoming remaster of the one that kicked it off in Dark Souls. Who knows? Perhaps Sony will decide that they want to revisit Demon’s Souls down the road in the form of DLC for one of the Dark Souls games or Bloodborne?


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