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Squad up in ‘The Blackout Club’ Announce Trailer



So we’ve gotten videogame adaptations of 80s films like Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Goonies and so on, but what about The Monster Squad? Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be getting a faithful adaptation of that classic, but what we are getting is Question’s The Blackout Club, which just dropped its announce trailer.

In The Blackout Club, a group of four players become a team of teenage investigators uncovering a monstrous secret at the heart of their community. The name of the group stems from the group members having all been experiencing blackouts and waking up in strange places with no memory of what they’ve been doing. During one such blackout, a friend of the group mysteriously vanishes. Making matters worse is that no adult believes them. The club’s only course of action is to take matters into their own hands.

Unlike the typical squad-based gaming, you’re a teenager, and as such, combat against monsters and adults won’t end well. You instead have to work as a team and improvise ways to overcome challenges, using hit-and-run tactics to outwit enemies. You will have a variety of items and abilities to customize your loadouts and balance different playstyles with your team, including assault, stealth, and hacking. As you complete more missions, you will level up your characters, and unlock new abilities and customizations.

The Blackout Club is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019 on PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC.


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