Be the Unstoppable Blob Monster in the Flesh-Tearing 'Carrion' - Bloody Disgusting
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Be the Unstoppable Blob Monster in the Flesh-Tearing ‘Carrion’



Remember The Ooze? It was a late-entry Sega Genesis title that had you playing as a giant ooze monster, going around and melting down enemies as you made your way through the levels. Well, Phobia Game Studio (the same folks behind Butcher) look to have something a little gorier for you with their newest game, Carrion!

In the words of Phobia’s Sebastian Krośkiewicz, Carrion is a “reversed-horror game” where the player isn’t the one being scared. You play as a rampaging fleshly blob monster within the innards of an industrial complex (similar in look to Butcher). There are humans lurking around, armed but fearing for their lives. They’re no match for your limb-ripping and spinal cord-removing, but you can never be too sure of some of the heavier-armed types.

As shown in the reveal trailer, there’s no release date as of yet, but fans of The Blob and The Ooze will definitely have something to look forward to playing.


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