Enter a WWI Psychological Horror Adventure in Mistaken Visions' 'The Piano' - Bloody Disgusting
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Enter a WWI Psychological Horror Adventure in Mistaken Visions’ ‘The Piano’



In the mood for a Great War-era psychological horror game? Developer Mistaken Visions and Game If You Are have one for you in The Piano, which just had its launch teaser dropped today. Originally scheduled for release last year, the Hamburg-based indie developer opted to go back and fine-tune the game based on tester feedback, which also involved partnering with indie game consultancy, Game If You Are. The result is a fully voice acted cast of characters and revamped graphics.

In The Piano, the player is cast as John Barnerway. Born to an American father and a French mother in the aftermath of World War I, John has has to live his young life in the shadow of his three older brothers, who are renowned pianists. Or were. After their murders, John is fingered as the one responsible, and now finds himself at the centre of a media witch-hunt. John must now walk the streets of Paris in search of answers to not only clear his name, but find the one responsible.

Meshing together survival horror and adventure elements under a noir aesthetic, The Piano will have the player gathering clues and solving puzzles in order to uncover the truth, while also avoiding foes that stalk the Paris streets. The game is set for release this Spring on Steam (which you can check out its page here).


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