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Cult Shooter ‘Killer7’ set for Remaster



Time for another round of Rumour Control. This time concerning a potential remaster of the cult GameCube and PlayStation 2 noir action game, Killer7.

During the HOPPER’S Vol. 5 event, which was celebrating the 20-year anniversary of former Capcom studio Grasshopper Manufacture (which is the studio behind Shadows of the Damned, Lolipop Chainsaw, Let It Die, and the aforementioned Killer7), it was announced by Grasshopper Manufacture head (and the game’s director) Suda51 that a remaster was in the works. A Twitter user and attendee to the event confirmed that the announcement was made at the end of the event, elaborating that there was “No definite date but ‘in the future'”.

For those gamers who are scratching their heads over just what Killer7 is, you’re not the only ones. Originally part of the Capcom Five (a set of games announced by Capcom exclusive to the Nintendo Gamecube with the goal of boosting hardware sales and showing off third-party developer support), the game follows an elite group of assassins called the “killer7”, who perform hits on behalf of the US government, but eventually uncover a conspiracy regarding the true nature of their organization. The game divided users over its Se7en-esque plot, unorthodox controls and rail shooter gameplay.

Regardless, the game even then was pegged as a cult hit by reviewers, and still maintains that appeal for some. Even I passed it by when it was released, so this remaster is probably justified. We can look forward to it “in the future”, it seems.

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