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Fan-made ‘The 7th Guest’ Sequel Hits This Halloween



Old school PC gamers who have memories of Trilobyte’s The 7th Guest will definitely dig this one. The fan-made followup called The 13th Doll, which was announced back in 2015, finally has a release date. The game is set to hit on Halloween of this year, and there’s a new announcement trailer to boot.

The 13th Doll picks up with Tad (the character from the original game), who is haunted by what he experienced so long ago, and is now stuck in a mental institution. One day, a new doctor takes up his case, who in an effort to help Tad cope, brings him back to the infamous mansion. And just like in Friday The 13th Part VII, things go downhill from there.

Hearkening back to the original game, The 13th Doll features new puzzles and locations, but will this time feature HD FMV sequences, two playable characters with unique plotlines, and five possible endings. The game will also have Robert Hirschboeck returning to portray the villainous Henry Stauf from the original game and its sequel, The 11th Hour.

The 13th Doll is now available for preorder, with several editions for the game, ranging from $15 all the way to $150 for the physical “Stauf Box” Edition. And for you younger gamers who never had the opportunity to experience the FMV craze of the early 90s, you can snag the original version of The 7th Guest over at, or on Steam.

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