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‘DARQ’ Preps for E3 with New Teaser Trailer



It’s been a long time since we talked about Unfold Games’ psychological side-scroller DARQ. Two years, actually. Despite not meeting its goal in its Indiegogo camp, DARQ has forged ahead. So far, in fact, that Unfold Games have released a new teaser for the game. They’ll also be at E3 this year, so if you’re one of the lucky folks who gets to go, do check it out.

For a refresher, DARQ puts you in the shoes of Lloyd, a boy who becomes aware of the fact that he is dreaming. Unfortunately, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare for him, and all his attempts to wake up fail. While exploring the darkest corners of his subconscious, Lloyd learns how to survive the nightmare by “bending the laws of physics and manipulating the fluid fabric of the dream world”.

The big gameplay component is the fantastical physics, where you’ll end up doing things such as walking on walls and ceilings or levitating to solve puzzles, as well as manipulating the dream world by moving objects or rotating rooms. You will face enemies, but seeing as they’re so much stronger and faster than Lloyd, stealth and avoidance is paramount.

Head over to the official site to check out new screenshots and videos, too! DARQ is slated for release fourth quarter of this year for PC, with a potential console release in the future.


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