[E3 2018] Capcom Shows Off Gamplay Footage for 'Resident Evil 2 HD' - Bloody Disgusting
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[E3 2018] Capcom Shows Off Gamplay Footage for ‘Resident Evil 2 HD’



Really, all I’d need to say in this article would be these words: E3, Resident Evil 2 HD, gameplay video, watch now.

Seriously speaking, Capcom are finally delivering the goods after we’ve been waiting for months to hear anything regarding this remake. And as with the original Resident Evil remake, Capcom has gone back and tweaked things to make the experience closer to the traditional Survival Horror theme (revamped map, the return of typewriters!), as well as bring back one of the cooler things that was in the original Resident Evil 1.5 beta in the form of the shutters! Plus, you can now board up the windows!

I don’t want to spoil all of the goodies, so just watch.

In addition, there are several other videos showing more gameplay footage sans commentary. Here’s one such example.

IN ADDITION, Resident Evil 2 producer and senior manager Yoshiaki Hirabayashi talked withTrusted Reviews about RE2, specifically about everyone’s favourite side characters, Tofu and Hunk. When asked if the alternative modes from the original would be included in this game, Hirabayashi stated (via translator) that “Both the Fourth Survivor and Tofu modes will be included in the game.” Take my money now, Capcom.

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