The First Chapter of 'Undertale' Follow-Up 'Deltarune' Hits PS4 For Free Next Week - Bloody Disgusting
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The First Chapter of ‘Undertale’ Follow-Up ‘Deltarune’ Hits PS4 For Free Next Week



Following last week’s unexpected announcement that Deltarune: Chapter 1 would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Toby Fox has another welcome surprise in store for console fans. Earlier today, the developer announced that the first installment of the episodic Undertale spin-off will be arriving simultaneously on the PS4.

Due to hit both the Switch eShop and PlayStation Store on February 28th, the opening chapter will be available free of charge, as was the case when it debuted on PC back in October. Meanwhile, to celebrate the upcoming launch, Undertale itself is going at a discounted rate on both consoles up until the end of the month.

Details are currently thin on the ground regarding when future chapters of Deltarune will be released, or what the associated price tag will be. Likewise, there is currently no word as to whether or not there will be a port for the Xbox One, which is hardly surprising, given that the game’s predecessor never saw the light of day on Microsoft’s system.

For those who have yet to dive into this enticing appetizer and can’t wait a week, you can download the PC version here and get stuck in.



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