'Bioshock'-Inspired Horror Game 'Close to the Sun' Will Be Exclusive to the Epic Games Store For Its PC Release - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Bioshock’-Inspired Horror Game ‘Close to the Sun’ Will Be Exclusive to the Epic Games Store For Its PC Release



Having taken on publishing duties back in late 2018, Wired Productions is now busy hyping up its upcoming release, Close to the Sun.

Taking clear inspiration from Bioshock, this creepy adventure-game boasts an aquatic setting, a science-gone-wrong theme, ghostly figures reenacting past events, and even a vaguely art-deco sensibility. Yet it looks to be more than just a cheap rip-off of Irrational’s Magnum Opus.

For a start, it’s an outright horror title, as opposed to an FPS, one that emphasizes dread and atmosphere above all else. It also has an enticing time-travel premise, as you explore a mysterious ship created by famous inventor Nikola Tesla. Promising intriguing mysteries, suspenseful Outlast-esuqe chase sequences, and some fun puzzles to break up the intensity, this unassuming indie is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

With an unspecified – but presumably imminent- release date, Wired Productions has recently started drip-feeding more and more details about the game, culminating in an important announcement today about where players will actually be able to purchase a copy. In its press release, the publisher disclosed that Close to the Sun’s PC version will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Speaking about this, Carlo Bianchi, CEO and founder of developer Storm in a Teacup, said: “Our relationship with Epic [has]  provided fantastic opportunities for our studio, enabling a greater creative freedom and the ability to double-down on quality for our games. To launch on the Epic games store feels like the perfect next step and we are delighted that our partnerships with both Wired Productions and Epic Games will help propel Close to the Sun to achieve our ambitions.”

Alongside the PC release, the game will also be debuting on consoles. Pre-orders can be made at EpicGames.com.

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