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The Ghostbusters Get Into The ComiCon Spirit This June!



ComiCon season is something magical for many people. It is the only place on Earth that thousands upon thousands of comic book fans from around the country (and in some cases the world) can gather and geek out with their you-know-what out* without suffering from the odd stares of their friends/family/cat/turtle. But with so many people gathered, from all walks of life you would have to imagine that it can get a little dangerous at times. Well thankfully the Ghostbusters are around to keep all the supernatural threats under control this June as IDW Publishing looks to drop its newest one-shot featuring the gang just in time for the fullswing of convention season. Read on for the skinny.

*This is not recommended. Do not try this at home, or at least ComiCon.

WRITTEN BY: Keith Dallas and Jim Beard
COVERS BY: Josh Howard, Nick Runge.

“What can be more patriotic than spending the Fourth of July at… a comic book convention? That’s Ray’s thinking at least, although his fellow Ghostbusters think they’re in for a boring day of cosplay. But when a dastardly demon with delusions of grandeur unleashes the fireworks, the Ghostbusters must stage a revolution of their own!”

“GHOSTBUSTERS: CON-VOLUTION” Drops This June From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)


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