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[BD Review] ‘Silent But Deadly’ Is Refreshingly Funny



Mixing horror and comedy is a difficult feat and, most of the time, films fail miserably in doing so. Over the top and ridiculous, Silent But Deadly starring Jason Mewes (Jay of Jay & Silent Bob) accomplishes this – and is surprisingly entertaining.

Thomas Capper (Mewes), is a quiet (silent!) farm boy. His father (William Sadler) is verbally abusive and holds a lot anger over the fact that he married two Russian mail order brides and they turned out to be lesbians. Thomas, meanwhile, doesn’t have much going for him except for his dedicated love for goats – especially his pet, Liza. After catching his son peeping on his wives, Thomas’s father punishes him by killing an innocent goat with a shotgun. This enrages Thomas and the young man begins a killing spree (deadly!) starting with his father and stepmoms. Soon after, he falls into an assistant job for a Hollywood film crew that has set up in town (he makes a mean goat milk latte for the director) and everything seems to be going peacefully well. That is until one day when Thomas awakes to find Liza missing – and the film crew with full bellies.

With a title like Silent But Deadly, taking this movie seriously was immediately out the window. Yes, the movie is absolutely ridiculous. However, made on a $500,000 budget, it is pretty damn impressive. The CGI is terrible, but within the comedic horror context, it works. The production (minus the CGI) is really nice quality as it was originally a made for TV movie. The performances by all actors are actually fantastic. Each seem to know their roles and exactly what story they are telling so that they never seem to be acting like this will be an Oscar winning film. The fact that the movie doesn’t even take itself seriously is what makes it that much more enjoyable.

Mewes is great in such a simple role. Even with his only lines being one word statements, his portrayal of Thomas shows the evolution of his talents since his first appearance as Jay. It sounds silly, but it is true. Despite a strong performance by Mewes, the person who steals the movie is Jordan Prentice. As Sheriff Shelby, the dwarf actor has some of the best lines and comedy chops of the entire cast. Sheriff Shelby, being only three foot tall, still takes charge and bosses around his partner, Deputy Jimbo, as they investigate the triple murder in town. While Prentice already has a long resume, he deserves more work from this role alone.

Quality cinematography, a funny script (bodily fluid jokes never get old) and great acting is normally what a lot of low budget horror comedies lack. This deficiency makes the majority of films in this genre mind numbing and irritating. Encompassing all of these qualities is exactly what makes Silent But Deadly refreshingly funny and definitely a movie to check out for some fun, cheap laughs.

Silent But Deadly will be released September 24th on DVD and VOD.


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