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Review: Clive Barker’s “Next Testament” #10



As the tension mounts and the suspense builds to a crashing halt, “Next Testament” #10  is a thrilling read that will leave you breathless by the end page. So much heart and passion has been put into the characters to make them feel alive. With its mix of shocking scares and twisted black humor, each issue of “Next Testament” continues the can’t miss event.

NextTestament_10_coverWRITTEN BY: Clive Barker and Mark Miller

ART BY: Haemi Jang

PUBLISHER: Boom! Studios

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: June 18, 2014

Reviewed by Jorge Solis

The final battle between good and evil will take place inside the Roman Colosseum, a place where gladiators fought to the death. While the rest of the world his falling into Hell, Tristan and fiancée, Elspeth, have finally reached their destination in Providence. Surrounded by ancient books written in different languages, Tristan and Elspeth have to find the right words that can put a stop to Wick’s reign of terror.  With the clock ticking, do the lovebirds have any hope left in defeating Wick?  

Clive Barker and co-writer, Mark Miller, focus on the themes of love, spirituality, and faith in the character arcs. Because his father abandoned him, Tristan has never had anything to believe in until he met the love of his life. Though he doesn’t believe in a higher power, Tristan has faith in his unconditional love for Elspeth. With doomsday quickly approaching, the lovebirds hold each other’s hands while searching desperately for help against Wick.

Even when the tone is at its bleakest, Barker and Miller throw in some laugh-out-loud comic relief to ease in the suspense. The world is coming to an end and yet there are characters who still have time to deliver the most hilarious one-liners. On their previous road trip, The lovers have met the best and worst in humanity. The way Tristan feels for Elspeth is exactly how a loving mother cares for her young daughter.  

Artist Haemi Jang captures Wick recreating the entire universe in these surreal shots. The entire world is spinning around, as if being sucked into the abyss, and the floor below Wick’s feet is shattering into pieces. It’s interesting how the smoke coming off of Wick’s supreme body is shaped to look like a hand. To imitate the camera shaking, Jang uses motion blur to capture that earthquake feeling in the climatic pages.

These those moments of genuine emotion between the characters are irresistable. Jang illustrates the lovelorn looks on Tristan’s face when he stares directly at his fiancée. It’s  adorable how Jang drew a little girl coloring the Bible with a crayon. With the story is at its darkest, Jang throws in something visually uplifting.

“Next Testament” #10  ends on a shocking cliff-hanger that will get the reader hyped up for the last two issues. I cannot wait to be there for the exciting conclusion.


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