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[Comic Book Review] Coffin Hill #13 Is Gateway To Something Darker



“Coffin Hill” #13 beautifully ties up loose ends while unstitching some of the seams; leaving the series open in places the reader didn’t even know existed. While there were a few leaps in logic, some people and places appeared to be a bit convenient for my taste, and several events were resolved a little too easily, overall it didn’t bother me because this issue is clearly a gateway to something much bigger and much, much darker.


WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Kittredge

ART BY: Inaki Miranda

PUBLISHER: Vertigo Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: November 12, 2014

In present day Coffin Hill, the shit storm is brewing. Lacey is being led through the undergrounds of the Coffin Hill mansion by the ominous and seemingly dangerous otherworldly woman, as Bianca continues to fight a losing battle with Patrick, who is intent on killing off all the witches of Coffin Hill. Just as the mysterious woman is about to convince Lacey to kill herself, Bianca is able to use her powerful (really seriously powerful) magic to project herself into Lacey’s view… In the end, the girls are able to mutually save each other with their magic from miles away. I was impressed by the use of their magic in this sequence of events and although it was very sparsely explained, I’m excited to see what Kittredge does with it in further issues. I had no idea these two witches were so powerful. While Eve is Coffin Hill present, these girls are Coffin Hill future.

Flashback to Boston 2012 where Eve is stuck in Doyle’s floorboards. This is where things get a little too easy. Eve has no way of calling for help so she just has to wait for Doyle to let her out. Things go down like a lazy episode of CSI. He lets her out, takes her to his killing spot, tells her all his secrets, and then she gets the drop on him. I expected a little more razzle dazzle but like I said, this issue isn’t about some “big kill,” it’s about the fallout and the future ramifications. When Frost shows up to see a dead Doyle laying on top of a wounded Eve, they realize they must go along with the set up Doyle created, let someone else take the blame and not take the hit for their horrific oversight.

Then Eve gets home to find her crazy ass neighbor in a tizzy. It turns out, that’s where the real danger was. It wasn’t Doyle who shot Eve after all…

The best part of the issue comes in the last few pages, in present day Coffin Hill when Eve realizes that the same woman who led Lacey to her almost-suicide is also possessing Nate. They know each other and there is some serious bad blood between them, and that woman is…

Yea, right, go read it. I’m not giving that part away. I’m incredibly excited for the next arc and we have one issue left before we start on it. While I’ve found aspects of the last 5 or so issues to be lazy and clichéd, they were still incredibly entertaining. There is no denying the raw sizzling power that Kittredge and Miranda can conjure when paired together. Given the way this arc is ending, the next one should focus heavily on the ancient darkness of both the Coffin Family and Coffin Hill. And hopefully Nate will be back to normal and able to repair his relationship with Eve while kicking his brother’s ass.


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