"Grindhouse Drive In, Bleed Out" #3 Dissapoints
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[Comic Review] “Grindhouse Drive In, Bleed Out” #3 Dissapoints



Grindhouse’s second series, now titled ‘Grindhouse Drive In, Bleed Out’ started off quite strong with Slay Ride. A horrific twist on your good old fashioned yuletide tale, with a totally rad and original First Nations slant. For her next two-parter, ‘Blood Lagoon’ Alex De Campi is returning to the gruesome world of Deputy Garcia. She was the protagonist of ‘Bee Vixens from Mars’, De Campi’s first story in the first volume of Grindhouse. Garcia’s first adventure is still firmly ingrained in my mind and most likely will be forever. It’s exemplary of what grindhouse is all about; extreme violence, sex appeal and the utterly bizarre. Sadly, Blood Lagoon doesn’t live up to the high standards Grindhouse has already set.


WRITTEN BY: Alex De Campi
ART BY: Christopher Peterson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: March 25, 2015

Blood Lagoon starts out promising enough, Garcia is set to accompany Wayne (one half of the gay couple from Bee Vixens from Mars) to visit his estranged father. Sergei (Wayne’s other half) sees them off and their journey begins. Wayne’s whole quest to give his father one last chance is interesting and something you don’t see all too often in comics, or any media for that matter. If anything it’s the solid foundation, the backbone of the story. It’s what keeps you engaged while the other aspects fall flat, such as the dull monsters.

Deputy Garcia and the ragtag crew she accumulates must face off against what looks like giant pubic lice, giant public that have crawled out of the Blood Lagoon. They basically amount to giant crabs with aardvark like tongues. After the glorious Bee Vixens these crabs come off pretty damn lame, they barely cause any carnage and come off as cartoonish more than horrific. I don’t want to be too harsh because this is only the first part and De Campi’s grindhouse tales always ramp way up in the second issue. Still, this is a poor opening threat and the tamest grindhouse issue to date.

While it is super rad to see Deputy Garcia on the page again it’s ultimately a disappointment. I could definitely see Blood Lagoon improving in part 2 but as it currently stands I cannot recommend it. I’d still recommend Grindhouse itself, outside of this one issue it’s all been fabulous. Even if Blood Lagoon turns out to be a dud it’ll be followed with an entirely new 2-part story that I’ll be wholeheartedly looking forward to, whatever it may be.


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