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Double Murder Ep 56: Willow Creek vs. Exists



Some might say it’s strange that two found-bigfootage* movies were released so close together. Some might say it’s strange that sasquatch horror hasn’t been done more often. But we say forget all that, and listen to Double Murder episode 56: Willow Creek vs. Exists!

In Willow Creek (2013), by Bobcat Goldthwait, a couple heads out into the wilderness in search of the location of the famed Patterson-Gimlin film. Along the way they interview some of the local townsfolk whose livelihood depends on attracting tourists to the area, and some of whom are not too fond of outsiders poking around.

In Exists (2014), made by Blair Witch Project creator Eduardo Sanchez, a group of friends heads up to a cabin in the woods (WHAT COULD GO WRONG!?) to film each other jumping into rivers and making out. They soon realize that there’s a reason the cabin has been abandoned, and that they’re not alone in the woods.

Tune in to hear which movie Danny! and Tim would make a plaster cast of its footprint, and which should remain a hoax on Double Murder! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or listen now in the media player below!  Also, be sure to like the Double Murder Facebook page!

*see what I did there?