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[Comic Review] ‘Rick And Morty’ #1 Is A Cheap Substitute



In the interim between seasons. “Rick and Morty”#1 delivers a genuine fill in that manages to match character, dialogue, and visual style in a satisfying way.  It feels familiar, which gives the fan a positive feeling, but it doesn’t manage to be anything more than an acceptable substitute.  Its good for a few laughs, but ultimately the change in format means that the show doesn’t exactly translate to the page.


WRITTEN BY: Zac Gorman

ART BY; CJ Cannon


PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: April 1, 2015

In order to translate this half hour comedy into a 24 page comic book there are 2 directions you can take: break up an “episode” into multiple parts and spread them out over the span of several issues, or present an entire storyline in a single issue by condensing and rushing plot points. “Rick and Morty” #1 actually does both, to my dismay.  Conflicts are introduced and then quickly resolved, bits are set up and then immediately paid off, and a new character (the uninteresting Detective Tock) is introduced on one page and becomes instrumental almost immediately.  I could be satisfied with the abbreviated structure but after all that rushing it still isn’t wrapped up in one issue, and I don’t feel particularly compelled to come back next month to find out what happens.

I can definitely hear Rick and Morty’s voices coming through as a read, but the cleverness and nuance that makes the show so great is missing here.  It feels like a fan writing these characters, albeit in perfect tone and cadence, but not surprising and delighting me the way these characters do in every episode.

Altogether, it was an enjoyable experience in that it reminded me of all the great episodes and moments and quotes that I loved from the show.  The issue looks and feels like “Rick and Morty” even if its not quite the real deal.  I enjoy the show enough to take this as an alternative and I’m willing to bet if you are a fan you’ll enjoy the experience.