"Archie Vs Predator" #2 Demands To Be Read
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[Comic Review] “Archie Vs Predator” #2 Demands To Be Read



“Archie vs. Predator” #2 is fucking rad, this series demands to be read now. Powering through the first issues gratuitous set up was well worth it for this action packed, hilarious blood soaked second issue. Without wasting a moment the citizens of Riverdale are thrown headfirst into a struggle against the vicious Predator.


WRITTEN BY: Alex De Campi

ART BY: Fernando Ruiz

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: 20 May 2015

The very first panel has the Predator’s classic triangle of laser sights already aiming at one of our heroes. Thus beginning it’s ominous shadow over the rest of the book. He’s always around, watching them every step of the way from the shadows, just like a good Predator should.

Cementing her place as the true protagonist Betty leads this issue again. She’s the perfect one for the job as well; she’s level headed and more importantly competent. Archie continues to wallow in the background not being of much use to anyone, he could’ve been absent from this issue and I doubt anyone would even notice. Almost every other character contributes more than he does, which is strange but not something that detracts from the comic. Gotta have that Archie name on the title to sell copies, I get it, Betty vs Predator just isn’t as eye catching.

If last issues low kill count had you bummed fret not, this one racks it way up. There’s a cold brutality to each character’s death that juxtaposes their peaceful perfectly. Brain matter, eyeballs and every limb imaginable fly off of the Predators victims, it’d be horrific if it wasn’t so god damn amusing. The kills won’t be the only thing making you giggle, there’s also a good number of hilarious jokes and running gags to keep the laughs rolling on every page. There’s even a real nice jab at After Life with Archie from Sabrina.

Marking a significant improvement over issue #1 Archie vs. Predator #2 is all fun all the time. I’m giddy just imagining who’ll be decapitated next issue, it’s a good sign that this book has its claws in me.


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