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[Review] We’ve Kicked Ass With ‘Kung Fury’!



From Kickstarter to the Croisette at Cannes Film Festival – it’s almost a scenario as outlandish as the plot of the retro mythical mash-up.  This past weekend Laser Unicorn’s Kung Fury premiered in The Directors’ Fortnight shorts programme.

The VHS was loaded and the 30 minutes of pure nostalgia porn raised the roof with the crowd-funded final film.

Cast and crew attended as the humble director and star took to the stage and read from prompt cards to steady his nerves.

Read no further if you want to remain pure and spoiler free for the online release on May 28th. I’ll leave you by saying Kung Fury is the Avengers Assemble if it had been made in the 90’s. It’s great and I hope it beats Gangnam style as the most watched YouTube video of all time.

The short utilizes the iconic shots from the trailer while expanding on the narrative. From the douche villain skateboard flipping car moment we cut to an arcade machine where some bros get sad at ending their game. Their game is ended when the arcade cabinet transforms more realistically than anything Michael Bay has done before erupting on to the street, flipping people the bird while delivering deadly laser blows to all and sundry. With the disturbance being reported, the police send their best man to diffuse the emergency – Enter Kung Fury!

Arriving on the scene KF takes on the corrupt console in ever outlandish montage moments perforated with tracking & static VHS breaks. After giving him a game over screen we learn about KF’s origin & powers.  Through being struck by lightning & bitten a cobra he was born, naturally.

KF 1

Losing his buddy in a grizzly ninja slice we learn of his reluctance to take on a new team mate in the form of Tricera-cop – a Jurassic partner in fighting crime with an inexplicable British accent & crotch homing bullets.

Hitler & Hackerman are introduced through a hilarious cell phone scene which sets into motion the events that transport KF back to the era of Vikings & dinosaurs.

Making friends through history Kung Fury eventually makes it to Nazi Germany to face off against Kung Führer & his legion of SS Soldiers.

Faux product placement & hand drawn animation connect the other events of the film before a team up across time & the Hoff sung closing credits.

There’s a lot of style, epic one liners & heart but ultimately it’s been seen before through the work of Astron-6 or more recently in Turbo Kid.  With a feature in the works it’s hard to tell if the material can stretch out to a full length version or if the thirst for the absurd throwback culture would have quenched by that point of delivery.

If Jurassic World sucks & when Terminator Genisys inevitably does, turn to Kung Fury on repeat to make everything better in the world.