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[Review] NECA’s Revisit of 8-Bit Jason Is a Thankful Second Opportunity



Images courtesy of NECA

As some of you may be shocked to learn, many of us at the site love videogames. I myself work in the industry, so it’s kind of a no-brainer. The folks at NECA also love video games, and their line of retro videogame-inspired characters is proof of that. The line started back in 2013 with the Comic-Con exclusive of a glow-in-the-dark Jason Voorhees. The figure was a hit, and while I wasn’t able to get the figure then, I managed to snag it a year later. Now, to celebrate the 13th figure in that line, NECA has released a modified version of Jason, complete with some new goodies.



A big draw of this line is the way NECA replicates the original look of the videogame boxart for whichever figure they’re doing. And in this case, the boxart for Jason is the same as it was for the first figure, albeit with a few differences. As with the original figure, the boxart replicates the original NES box for Friday The 13th, with some modifications (such as the NECA “Seal of Quality” replacing Nintendo’s seal, and the screenshots now showing off the figure itself). The box also features a flap in the front that swings open to show off the figure. This time around, NECA has decided to throw in a light-sensitive chip, that when the flap is opened, plays the game’s theme music clearly and without any distortion. It’s a nice touch, though it can admittedly get annoying if you’re trying to take the figure out of the box. Or, if in my case, the chip won’t play the music as the two cell batteries have died from the cold (Canadian weather and all). Luckily, you can swap the batteries out, or, if you still don’t like the music, remove them entirely. But where’s the fun in that?!



While the box sports art of Kane Hodder’s Jason from The New Blood, the actual figure is of the late Richard Brooker’s Jason from Friday The 13th Part III. The figure was previously released as part of the first series of NECA’s Friday The 13th line, so those of you who have those figures know the fantastic sculpting job the team pulled off to bring Jason to life. Despite the monotone colours, the details in this 7″ sculpt still come through. Details such as the wrinkles in Jason’s shirt and pants, as well as the way the open sleeves transition into Jason’s arms are replicated perfectly. Jason’s deformed head is appropriately lumpy, again with details such as his malformed teeth and veins all nicely sculpted. It was a great sculpt then as it is now!

Some people thought that the first figure looked ugly with the garish purple and green, but fans of the game knew better. NECA nailed the colours the first time around, and it’s no exception here again. This time around, the figure sports some black linework to bring out some details, as well as having Jason’s eyes coloured a deep pink. Sadly, Jason loses the exclusive glow-in-the-dark plastic for his hands, mask and shoes, but this is a great alternative. The overall painting is clean, with no smearing or bleeding over.



As with the original, the joints were nice and tight. Perhaps a little too tight. Keep a hair dryer handy to warm up the joints to avoid breaking them, particularly the hip joints (I have a sad story and a hard lesson, if you have the time). Jason features over 25 points of articulation as before. The head is on a ball joint, and can look up and down and rotate without problems. The sculpt doesn’t hinder the movement at all. Arms are on pin-and-socket joints, and can move outward and up and down with no problem. The elbow bends at 45°, and can rotate side to side. This is one area where the hair dryer might help. The hands are on a ball joint, and can rotate all the way around without problems.

The waist is on a ball joint, and can swivel Jason side to side, as well as move up and down. The legs are also on a pin-and-socket joint, and can move up and down, inward and outward, as well as rotate. I can’t stress enough to use a hair dryer if your joints are stiff. The legs bend at the knee at roughly 45°, and can move side to side. The feet can also rotate from side to side, but don’t feature any ankle pivot.


As before, Jason comes with his machete and an axe. Whereas the first figure had glow-in-the-dark plastic for the machete blade and axe head, this time around they’re both white. Still, the sculpts are great, and the paint is clean. Jason also has his mask, and it’s the stiff plastic as was the case before. It doesn’t look like it’s a case of the mask distorting this time around, but you’d still best keep an eye out. It fits nice and snug over Jason’s head without any problems. The new accessory this time around is Pamela Voorhees’ floating head. The head is a repaint of the older Friday The 13th 25th anniversary pack that NECA released years ago, and still holds up. The paint is again clean and with the black outlines brings out the wrinkled details of the face, as well as the hair. The head comes on a removable clear plastic stand, so those with diorama ideas can use it without problems.



This is again a no-brainer. NECA has taken an already fantastic figure and given it a fresh coat of paint (literally), and thrown in some new stuff that fans of the line will enjoy. Those of you who missed out on Jason’s first figure now get a chance to add Jason to their collection of NECA’s line, and it’s an easy choice. The ones who did get the original Jason will admittedly have some reservations over what’s essentially the same figure with a slightly different paintjob and a new accessory, but if you can find it at a reasonable price, it makes the decision easier. NECA doesn’t seem to be slowing down entries in this line, so grab Jason and wait for more great entries in the future.