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[Blu-ray Review] ‘The Fox with a Velvet Tail’ is a Twisty Romantic Thriller



The Fox with a Velvet Tail, also known as In the Eye of the Hurricane, is a pretty fascinating Spanish-Italian co-production. I popped in the new Blu-ray from Mondo Macabro with no expectations because prior to the Blu-ray’s announcement I was completely unaware of the film. By the time the 100-minute runtime and come to a close I was a fan.

The film opens with Ruth (Analía Gadé) ending her relationship with Michel (Tony Kendall). Ruth’s reason for moving on is that she’s found a new man in Paul (Jean Sorel). Happy to get started on her new relationship with Paul, Ruth takes her new man to a lovely beachside getaway for the summer. As the new couple tries to enjoy their time together strange “accidents” start occurring. First, the brakes to Ruth’s car suddenly go out, then on a scuba diving adventure her equipment becomes faulty. It appears someone wants Ruth dead. To make matters worse, Michel unexpectedly shows up. Is he behind these deadly doings?

The Fox with a Velvet Tail hits a lot of standard beats that you would expect in this sort of mystery but about halfway through it takes a twist that sends the film down a much different path. This turns makes the feel a bit unique and makes the second half far more exciting. Plus it helps greatly that the performances are really good. Gadé, in particular, is wonderful, absolutely stealing every frame she’s in.

The film also benefits greatly from a lovely location. Taking place in the Mediterranean the film is able to take advantage of gorgeous scenery, including water that is a blue unlike any other. This is a beautiful looking move made all the better by the cinematography of Alejandro Ulloa and Giovanni Bergamini. The Fox with a Velvet Tail features a number of classic Italian/Spanish camera techniques including some wonderful zooms and cuts.

Speaking of the shots in this film, I have to wonder if Sam Raimi is a fan at all. Early in the film when Ruth and Paul first arrive at the vacation home, Paul is handing from a tree upside when he kisses Ruth. It’s exactly like the famous Spider-Man kiss. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but I’ve never seen this kiss elsewhere so I like to this Raimi is a fan.

The Mondo Macabro Blu-ray is great which is no surprise because that’s just what Mondo Macabro does. The picture quality looks good with a lot of depth and the vibrant colors popping. There is a nice film-like quality with the presentation and that’s always a welcome addition. There are a handful of special features that you’ll want to check out. Troy Howarth does an audio commentary where he shares his vast wealth of giallo knowledge. Also including it an alternate title sequence, original trailer and extra scene. The really winner of the bonus features is a 25-minute documentary from the 90’s called So Sweet, So Perverse. This mini-doc is all about the starlets of Euro-cult films.

The Fox with a Velvet Tails takes a familiar idea and delivers it with a clever twist. A must-watch, especially for fans of 70’s Euro-cult films.

The Fox with a Velvet Tail is available on Blu-ray from Mondo Macabro.


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