The Story Of Erma, The Ring's' Samara's Daughter, Continues
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The Story Of Erma, The Daughter Of ‘The Ring’s’ Samara, Continues



Earlier this year, we posted Brandon Santiago’s Erma, an ongoing comic that features Erma, the daughter of Samara from The Ring. Brandon’s story follows Erma through being babysat, going to school, and other things that kids do…although not usually haunted.

That story has continued on and a massive gallery of the strips, as well as one-off drawings, has been gathered. So we figured why not share the whole thing with all of you?

It’s rather adorable and the art very innocent, which only makes the more “horrific” moments all the more squeal inducing. Also, how many of us have reacted the same way as Erma in the “Movie Night” strip? My friends may think I’m a little crazy but I’ll laugh all I want when someone gets offed!

Make sure to follow Brandon’s work on Tumblr.

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