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New “Stranger Things” Costumes Coming This Halloween Including the Demogorgon!



As the show becomes more and more popular, firmly establishing itself as an iconic pop culture property, so too do “Stranger Things” costumes become increasingly prevalent on Halloween night. Various officially licensed costumes are already available to help you become your favorite characters, and brand new ones are on the way this year!

Of particular note, Halloween Costumes has whipped up a Demogorgon costume, which comes with a printed jumpsuit that fastens together via Velcro tabs…

“A protruding rib cage covering the top portion of the body creates a cool 3D effect while the glove accessories recreate the monster’s long spear-like fingers. Shoe covers feature elastic straps match the costume and can fit over all-sized feet. Finally, the headpiece is stretchy and easily slips over the head. It also features a mesh lookout hole and the intimidating petals, of course. The petals stay puffed out for a supremely scary look all the time.”

Additionally, this Halloween season will see the release of several season 2 costumes, including “Eleven Plaid Shirt,” “Eleven Overalls,” “Eleven Punk” and “Battle-Ready Steve”!

Head over to Halloween Costumes to browse the “Stranger Things” collection!


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