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With companies like NECA, Funko and Mezco on our side, there’s truly never been a better time to be a collector of horror toys. Every single year sees the release of countless new toys that bring our favorite horror characters to our shelves, and we do our best to cover all of them all year long here on Bloody Disgusting.

Now that the year is coming to a close, we combed through this year’s archives to dig up the 10 best horror toys that were released between January 1 and December 31, 2017!

In no particular order…

Pennywise POP! Vinyl Toy, IT – Funko – FYE Exclusive

No horror icon dominated 2017 more than Pennywise, brought to the screen in a terrifying new incarnation in Andy Muschietti’s IT. Actor Bill Skarsgård’s take on the character received a whopping five different POP! vinyl toys from Funko this year, the coolest of which was the FYE Exclusive. Fittingly dubbed “Pennywise With Teeth, it’s one of the scariest POP! vinyl toys we’ve seen to date, depicting the killer clown in his “about to eat a kid” state.

Leatherface Retro Figure, Texas Chainsaw Massacre III – NECA

After years of incessant begging from yours truly on social media, NECA finally gave R.A. Mihailoff’s version of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 his very first action figure this year. You may remember that Mezco showed off a Part 3 Leatherface figure many years ago, which they never actually delivered on, so you can imagine my excitement when NECA finally brought this badass version of the chainsaw-swinging freak to the toy shelf.

Now we just need a Next Generation Leatherface…

Horror Villain Madballs – Kidrobot – Best Buy Exclusive

This year’s biggest surprise in the toy department was unquestionably Kidrobot’s line of Horror Madballs, which exclusively hit Best Buy shelves just a few months back. For the first time ever, Kidrobot turned our favorite horror villains into ’80s-style Madballs, bringing Jason, Freddy, Predator, Leatherface, a Xenomorph and a Face Hugger along for the ride in the first wave. The Horror Madballs are incredibly well designed and true to the original Madballs from my own childhood – for me personally, a fantasy toy made reality.

Ashy Slashy Puppet, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” – NECA

In the second season of Starz’ “Ash vs. Evil Dead” we met “Ashy Slashy,” a Muppet-like Ash Williams puppet whose name was derived from the moniker given to Ash by the citizens of Elk Grove following the events of the Evil Dead films. We all wanted our own “Ashy Slashy” puppet the second we laid eyes on it, and NECA made that happen for us this year. The puppet, originally teased one year ago, is currently in stock and ready to become your new favorite possession.

Billy Action Figure, Silent Night, Deadly Night – NECA/Scream Factory

Another highly unexpected offering this year was NECA’s Silent Night, Deadly Night action figure of “Billy Claus,” made exclusively available as part of a Deluxe Edition version of Scream Factory’s new Silent Night, Deadly Night Blu-ray. Only 2,000 of the Billy figures were made, and you could only get one with the purchase of the Blu-ray package. Featuring the authorized likeness of actor Robert Brian Wilson, the 8″ retro-style figure is dressed in tailored fabric clothing and wields a bloody axe.

Can’t honestly say I ever expected we’d get a SNDN figure!

“Stranger Things”/Ghostbusters POP! Vinyl Toys – Funko

One of the best TV episodes of the year was “Trick or Treat, Freak” from the second season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” set on Halloween 1984. The nostalgia was heavy in Season 2’s second episode, which provided us with one of this year’s most majestic sights: the lovable “Stranger Things” kids… dressed as Ghostbusters! To our surprise and delight, Funko released “Stranger Ghostbusters” POP! vinyl toys shortly after the new season premiered, depicting the young heroes of Hawkins as their favorite Ghostbusters.

New character Max was also given a POP! toy in her Michael Myers mask!

Ultimate Chucky Action Figure – NECA

When NECA promises an “Ultimate” action figure of your favorite horror icon, they always make sure to fully deliver on that promise. Just released in the tail end of 2017, NECA’s “Ultimate Chucky” is just that, an action figure of the pint-sized killer doll that essentially can be turned into any incarnation of the character you wish. The 7″ figure features four interchangeable heads and all sorts of weapon accessories, including the interchangeable bladed arm from the end of Child’s Play 2!

Hadley’s Hope 2-Pack, Aliens – NECA

No company has given more love to Alien/Aliens fans than NECA, who surprised this year with their Aliens “Hadley’s Hope” two-pack. The set features a special edition Aliens Warrior based on James Cameron’s original concept, and most notably, the first ever action figure of Carter Burke, with the likeness of actor Paul Reiser! “Officially an action figure,” Reiser tweeted after the set was revealed. “Never been prouder.”

The set comes complete with the Hadley’s Hope population sign.

Grady Twins POP! Vinyl 2-Pack, The Shining – Funko – Target Exclusive

There are some horror classics that just never got much love on the collectibles front over the years, and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is unfortunately one of them. But Funko picked up some of that slack this year by releasing an entire line of POP! vinyl toys based on the 1980 Stephen King adaptation, including Jack, Wendy, Danny and, coolest of all, the creepy Grady Twins. The twins were put up for grabs as a Target Exclusive, with a “bloody & dead” chase variant also released in Target stores.

Sam Vinyl Figure, Trick ‘r Treat – Mezco

He may be smaller and without a franchise, but there’s no denying that Trick ‘r Treat‘s Sam has quickly become one of the most beloved horror icons of them all. In the wake of toys from both Sideshow Collectibles and NECA, Mezco picked up the license this year, releasing a highly stylized 6″ vinyl figure of the lovable pumpkin boy just in time for Halloween. Depicted in Mezco’s “super deformed” style, the figure comes with Sam’s treat sack and his half-eaten lollipop/murder weapon. The cutest horror toy of the year, without question.

So which is YOUR favorite horror toy of 2017?