ThreeZero Previews Upcoming "The X-Files" Dana Scully 1/6 Scale Figure - Bloody Disgusting
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ThreeZero Previews Upcoming “The X-Files” Dana Scully 1/6 Scale Figure



“The X-Files” may be over, but Scully lives forever.

Hong Kong collectibles company ThreeZero is getting set to release 1/6 scale figures of both Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, with the Mulder figure previewed last year. The company kicks off this week with our first look at the companion Scully figure!

We don’t yet have much information, nor is Scully yet available for pre-order, but ThreeZero notes that she’s “coming soon” and shares the head sculpt and outfit preview.

Looks like they nailed the sculpt (and the hair), so color us excited about this one.


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