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As Described By Sandra Bullock, Artist Creates Custom Toy of the Unseen ‘Bird Box’ Creature



Netflix’s Bird Box takes place in a post apocalyptic world wherein creatures roam the earth, and if you even so much as look at them, you’re instantly driven to kill yourself. Like the characters who manage to survive, we as an audience are never allowed to look at these creatures, making the film one wherein we never even for a split second get to see the threat.

That said, a scene was shot wherein one of the creatures was actually seen, as Sandra Bullock relayed in an interview we posted at the tail end of last year…

There was a time when one of the producers was like, ‘No, you have to see something at some point’ and forced me to write essentially a nightmare sequence where Malorie experiences one in that house,” screenwriter Eric Heisserer told us. Bullock added, “It was a green man with a horrific baby face. It was snake-like, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to see it when it first happens. Just bring it into the room. We’ll shoot the scene.’ I turn and he’s like this [growling at me.] It’s making me laugh. It was just a long fat baby.”

As it’s explained in the movie, the creatures seem to take unique forms depending of who’s looking at them, so the “green man with a horrific baby face” was likely supposed to be exclusive to Malorie’s experience. After all, Malorie’s biggest fear was becoming a mother.

In any event, our pal Readful Things just whipped up a custom toy of that unseen creature, which you can check out below. Here’s hoping we get to see that deleted scene someday!

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