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First Look at the Japan-U.S. Horror Show “Crow’s Blood” (Exclusive)



J-horror was one of the biggest crazes the horror world was witness to when films like Ju-on and Ringu made their way overseas in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. And while the fad of remaking those titles may have died off, it didn’t stop us from being fascinated with the films from that part of the world, leading us to find and embrace the horror that Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, and more, had to offer.

Now, the “East” and the “West” are colliding into something truly special in the form of “Crow’s Blood“, a brand new six-episode horror/suspense TV show that brings together some of the biggest names from both the U.S. and Japan. The series is being executive produced by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw III, 11-11-11).

Bousman tells BD, “Living in Japan these last three months has been such an incredible and surreal experience. Being a fan of J-horror and now being able to construct a Horror TV show with them has been something of a dream come true.

Producers Bousman and Sean E DeMott will be working with super group music celebrities AKB 48‘s Mayu Watanabe and Sakura Miyawaki. The series will be directed by Ryo Nishimura with the opening two episodes and the finale being co-directed by Ryo and Joe White. The series was written by Yasushi Akimoto and Clint Sears.

About “Crow’s Blood”:

20 years have passed since the first clone sheep Dolly was born.

With regenerative medical techniques evolutionally advancing over those years, regeneration of human organs, which was thought to be impossible, has become a reality.

While regeneration offers a broad range of possibilities, human beings are now trying to play God, to “re-create life.”

When we lose someone we love, are we allowed to regenerate their life or even bodies? “Crow’s Blood” is an entertainment drama which aims to tackle this controversial subject.

It will be an ultimate horror/suspense drama with a mixture of love, blood and mystery taking place in modern Japanese society.

Below you can see an exclusive first look via several stills and a Japanese trailer.






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