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Fun “Stranger Things” Infographic Shows What Things Costs in ’80s vs. Today



Not that Eleven buys them anyway, but Eggos were super cheap in the ’80s!

What did life cost in the fictional Hawkins, Indiana back in 1983, during Season 1 of “Stranger Things, versus what life would cost there today? The folks over on OppLoans were determined to find out, so they whipped up a fun infographic that highlights the rising cost of several Season 1 props over the last 30+ years.

While you’re obviously always going to have a special place in your heart for scary movies, Star Wars action figures, and those sweet, sweet frozen breakfast foods—you also have adult concerns now, like what that magical childhood costs,” the site writes. “So we asked… How much did life cost in 1983 Hawkins, Indiana of Stranger Things versus now? By the way, Hawkins, Indiana doesn’t… actually… exist. So we used Fort Wayne, Indiana as a stand in. We’re sure they’re cool too.”

As it turns out, the total rate of inflation between 1983 and 2017 is 149%. That means that one hard-earned dollar in 1983 had the same buying power as $2.44 today. The typical household income in 1983 was $25,862, versus today’s $63,121, while the typical home price in 1983 was $68,700, versus today’s $201,155.

But what about the cost of specific items, like a blonde wig? Check out the infographic!

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