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More “Stranger Things” Characters Turned into ‘X-Men’ Heroes & Villains



Starring Dustin Henderson as… Beast!

Just last week, artist Boss Logic began imagining the characters from “Stranger Things” as characters from X-Men, initially turning Eleven into Phoenix and Mike into Cyclops.

Boss Logic has been hard at work on the art project for the past week, and we wanted to share some more of the fun mash-ups now that he’s got a full gallery of them.

The full lineup so far additionally imagines Dustin as Beast, Will as Iceman, Lucas as Bishop, Steve as Gambit, Nancy as Rogue, Chief Hopper as Sabretooth, Jonathan as Cannonball (a character, it’s worth pointing out, that actor Charlie Heaton is indeed playing in next year’s New Mutants!) and Max as Emma Frost.

Check out the “Stranger X-Men” art project below.

By the way, if you missed it, check out Boss Logic’s Addams Family reboot poster, which fan casts Oscar Isaac and Eva Green as Gomez and Morticia. Yes please!


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