Here's When That Heartbreaking Zombie Bite Happened On "The Walking Dead" - Bloody Disgusting
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Obviously, you’re about to read mid-season finale spoilers for Season 8.

On last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead, something HUGE finally happened. The show tends to go all out for finales, whether we’re talking mid-season or end of season, and with the all-out war between Rick and Negan in full swing, we expected that not everyone would make it to the second half of the eighth season.

While no one died, per se, we discovered at the very end of the episode that one of the show’s main characters is *about* to die: Carl Grimes, the son of Rick Grimes.

Making his dad proud, Carl risked his own life to save everyone inside the walls of Alexandria when Negan and his forces came knocking, heroically distracting them long enough to allow for the Alexandria residents to escape. Rick and Carl were reunited at the end of the episode, where we (and Rick) learned that Carl had been bitten by a zombie.

According to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, Carl’s story is not yet finished, as we will likely have to deal with the full heartbreak of his loss during Season 8, Episode 9.

But when did that zombie bite actually happen? We didn’t actually *see* Carl get bitten during the episode, leaving many to ask if they had missed the moment of the bite. At the very least, we were all left wondering when it could’ve happened, as Carl didn’t even come face to face with any zombies during last night’s mid-season finale.

The answer? Well, we actually *did* see Carl get bitten, earlier in the season.

Remember when Carl and Siddiq were attacked by zombies in the forest, after Carl saved Siddiq? That was during Episode 6 of Season 8, and if you go back and re-watch that scene in the wake of the mid-season finale, the moment of the bite becomes crystal clear. Carl is pinned down by one zombie, while another lunges at… his lower stomach.

Carl knew all along, dating back to Episode 6, that his time was numbered, which puts last night’s heroic act in a sad new context: Carl really had nothing left to lose.

You can watch the moment of the bite below.