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“American Horror Story” Season 8 Set in the “Near” Future and Sarah Paulson Stars

At the Television Critics Association’s press tour over the weekend, “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy teased the very first details for this year’s Season 8. “It takes place in the future,” Murphy revealed. He added, “It’s still topical, but [set in] the future, which I’ve never done… I think people will like it.”

Today brings some more details, relayed to EW by Murphy himself. For starters, Murphy has confirmed that Sarah Paulson will once again return for the eighth season.

Sarah Paulson is very excited about the dental appliances she will be wearing on the show,” Murphy told the site, teasing an appearance change for Paulson.

Murphy also clarified that Season 8 is set in the near future, rather than distant.

It’s set in the near future,” he told EW. “It has nothing to do with anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s really chilling.”



  • Jay Bennett

    “sarah paulson will star” (pretends to be shocked)

    • Mr. Red Right Hand

      i think they meant, “sarah paulson will cry”

      • Biscoito18

        or “sarah paulson will give a interview in the last episode”

  • DJV1985

    So we can pretty much throw out the IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM (or Sob). I mean after the last season, which was a huge turn off and walk away season for me, I’m not excited about this. Is it me or has she spent the last two seasons crying almost constantly? It feels like it lol.

    • J Jett

      i do love Paulson but it seems she’s been given material (on this show) that mainly only allows her to be in a constant state of crying since Asylum. i wish the writers/Ryan Murphy would cast her in a different role where she’s not constantly having a nervous breakdown with non-stop crying jags. LOL.

      • DJV1985

        Murder House, Coven and Roanoke are pretty much the best of the entire run in my opinion and have only watched a few episodes from the rest of the seasons without even becoming bored or annoyed with the lead characters but I do agree, I’ve seen some of the other stuff that she has been in and loved her in them or at least thought she did a good job so I’m hoping they give her something other than the most irritating sobbing role.

      • Vicki Trembly

        Eventually I’m going to we watch Roanoke and count how many times she screams, MAaaaaaaaaaat.

        I swear I want to go in and mash up a video of those scenes with some of the screaming goats

  • The Night King

    This may be just a shot in the dark but I have a feeling that this season of AHS has a heavy gay vibe to it.

    • Mr. Red Right Hand

      isn’t every season heavily gay?

      • kevinhorror

        Just like pretty much every tv show and movie before late 90s early 2000s were heavily straight? Is it so bad that tv and movies now have gay characters, you know, like life?

        • Matt Clark

          Look at the offended SJW. Yea gays represent 2% of the population probably why they don’t represent a bigger part of TV. And thank god for that. Nothing grosser than having to sit thru a gay sex scene or watch two dudes making out.

          Hope I offended you even more.

          • kevinhorror

            Wow… you got me good. I’m so offended I don’t know what I’m going to do. My life is forever changed by you. You should run for president so that you can show the world just how great of a person you truly are.

          • scream4ever

            Nothing more pathetic than an online bully.

            P.S. I hope my pic offends you.

          • SVWitch

            This is the most non offensive photo I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. Stay terrific.

          • kevinhorror
          • J Jett

            kevinhorror, that’s awesome! 🙂

          • Barry El Beardo

            The only thing that offends me about this is the lack of beards

          • Lorenzo Giozzo

            No, actually your very wrong. Sitting thru reading your ignorant, moronic and u intelligent post us far more disgusting. Uneducated and shallow idiots like you should be barred from social media

          • Garbageface

            The only snowflake offended here is you, so easily triggered that adult males consensually kissing grosses you out. Sad!

          • Lee William

            Triggered. I manage to sit through straight people kissing and having sex in TV shows or films and I don’t bat an eyelid. You know why? Because sexuality doesn’t scare me like it clearly does you

        • J Jett

          kevinhorror, well said. i agree w/ you.

      • The Night King

        Yes, it was a joke. AHS is about as gay as a gay pride parade.

    • PasSion Waldon

      Ikr!!! Can we PUH-LEASSSE go back to when if I wanted to watch gay I could just turn to the gay channel. Not it just interrupts my regularly scheduled programming. And it kinda grosses me out.

  • scream4ever

    It’s not “official” yet, but Evan Peters will also be back (his contract for the show is through season 8) as will Adina Porter (her contract is for three seasons)

  • The chicken man

    Am I the only one who is sick to death of Sarah Paulson?

    • Forca84

      Not sick of her. But she needs better material for her characters. As soon as I saw this headline I thought she’s gonna play another insufferable shrieking Harpy again.

  • kevinhorror

    My bad. I’m gay too, and I got a little worked up. I apologize. 🙂

    • Fred Hopkins

      Get a room!

    • J Jett

      there’s a lot of us LGBTQ folks on this site and every one that i’ve ever talked with here (or read their comments) over the past decade or longer have been great, friendly people. it’s people like Matt and his ilk who apparently are threatened by LGBTQ people (in real life and being represented on tv shows and in movies). i’m gay and i don’t vomit when a straight sex scene is shown in nearly every tv show/movie ever made.

      • James Allard

        J J.
        I am straight or mostly so, depending on what some say, white, male and old. I do NOT want to live in a world in which everyone is Like Me. Egad, how dull what that be?

  • Jason Scarpelli

    The show sucks

    • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

      But you love it enough to read news regarding the show. How sweet of you.

  • Khy

    I love Sarah Paulson but these past two seasons she’s been doing nothing but screaming her head off. Hopefully they give her some better material to work with for their sake.

    I have no interest in this season. Cult was absolute trash. Murphy and his team just throws anything on the page.

  • I miss when they would rotate the main characters each season, I love Sarah but give her a break. If this really is the Murderhouse / Coven crossover they better sign on Jessica Lange again and hopefully some of the fan favorites from each season

    • Biscoito18

      The crossover will be the 9th season. Ryan confirmed. Also he is trying to get Lange, Bates, Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott back.

      • Adean

        That would be awesome! Last season was the first one I didn’t watch. I just couldn’t get into it. Did I miss anything?

        • Biscoito18


        • scream4ever

          Paulson screamed a lot, Peters played a lot of characters, there was a gay subtext, etc.

  • EvilWhiteMale

    I gave up two seasons ago.

    • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

      And I’m 3 season behind. But I’m get there.

  • MaryMaria

    I’m more curious about these dental appliances…

  • I’m Neagan

    not the same without Jessica Lang

  • c-s-a78

    bring her back for a season 2 of American gothic!
    I luved that show in the 90s.she still looks the same!

    • DJ sTikInsEkT


  • Jonny Angel

    Sarah is so hot.. to bad she like carpet munching on grannies 🙂

  • DJ sTikInsEkT

    American Emo Story lol

  • Grither 57

    After reading this little horror news nugget, I wondered what my peers and horror brethren had to say. I was expecting the standard yaysayers and naysayers, and that’s what I got. Then the “neo-retro” and AHS trashing started. I should’ve stopped reading. Then the gay fight started, and I DID stop.

    • DJ sTikInsEkT

      but peter bark has a husband

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