Go Behind the Scenes of the Epic "The Walking Dead" Zombie Meat Grinder Sequence - Bloody Disgusting
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Go Behind the Scenes of the Epic “The Walking Dead” Zombie Meat Grinder Sequence



“The Walking Dead” sure has been delivering some truly nasty gore in the second half of its eighth season, kicking off with an unforgettable kill in the premiere episode wherein Morgan literally ripped a man’s intestines out with his bare hands. This past Sunday night’s second episode, well, it delivered one of the show’s grossest scenes ever.

Jadis, leader of the Scavengers, was forced to kill all of her zombified friends after Simon had them gunned down in cold blood, leading them over to a trash compactor and watching as each of her friends walked directly into the meat grinder. Their bodies were literally chewed up and spit out, leaving behind a pulpy mess of zombie soup.

Even Stephen King was impressed with the scene, tweeting “The latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD featured a very cool zombie meatgrinder.”

Watch a behind the scenes featurette below, and the entire scene underneath!

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