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The CW Continues to Pass On Genre Pilots



I still can’t believe “iZombie” is heading into its fifth season considering the CW passes on every single genre pilot. Things are no different this year, with CW passing on three more genre series, including “Dead Inside”, “Playing Dead”, andThe End of the World as We Know It”.

In Warner Bros. Television’s “Dead Inside”, directed by Michael Patrick Jann, “After surviving an explosion that killed her hotshot detective big brother (Freddie Stroma, UnREAL), an underachieving beat cop (Lyndon Smith, Parenthood) starts seeing his ghost, flipping their sibling dynamic on its head and allowing her to truly live her life for the first time, as they work together to help crime victims both living and dead, and figure out the unfinished business keeping his spirit on Earth.” Freddie Stroma, Lyndon Smith Joey King, Hayley Marie Norman, Christine Ko, Erica Cerra, and Myles Bullock star.

In CBS Television Studios’ “Playing Dead”, “A dysfunctional family dramedy about a mortician (Tyler Ritter) and his son whose lives are turned upside down when the woman (Clara Lago) who abandoned them 15 years ago returns and asks them to fake her death.” Tyler Ritter, Clara Lago, Luke Youngblood, Curran Walters, and Sigrid Owen star.

In Warner Bros. Television’s “The End of the World as We Know It”, directed by Glen Winter, “When a prison spaceship carrying the universe’s most deadly aliens crashes in Southern California, two young women (Gage Golightly) with bigger dreams than working at a kids’ pizza place in the Valley are recruited by a space cop to hunt down the escaped criminals, who have camouflaged themselves as eccentric Angelenos.” Josh Helman, Gage Golightly, Quinta Brunson, and Liam Garrigan star.

All passed on. None of them going to series. What a surprise.

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