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Ridley Scott Talks Approach to a Potential Second Season of AMC’s “The Terror”



No spoilers, but if you watched the season finale of AMC’s “The Terror” last night, you’re probably wondering how a second season would even be possible. Last night, the expedition’s epic journey reached its climax as the surviving men found themselves in a final confrontation with the Inuit mythology they unknowingly trespassed into.

And. Yeah. No Spoilers.

So where does AMC go from here, if they wish to renew “The Terror” for a second season? Well, according to series producer Ridley Scott, subsequent seasons of “The Terror,” if they ever happen, will actually tell completely different stories. Yes, AMC’s approach to “The Terror” is to make it an anthology horror series.

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Scott tells The Wrap, “So we’ve been coming back to [AMC] with suggestions for a second season, not necessarily along the similar lines. But let’s say, this comes up in the AMC title as being almost under the heading of a bit of a horror film, OK? But I think it’s not only a horror film, but I think it’s better than that.”

He continued, “So coming up with another show, almost an entirely different story is the target next. And I think we had a very good run of the ship with [AMC], so I think they’re looking for more.”

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