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As You’d Expect, Eggo Waffle Sales Rise When New Seasons of “Stranger Things” Arrive on Netflix



When “Stranger Things” premiered on Netflix back in 2016, introducing an instantly-beloved character with a fondness for Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles, you probably noticed that the Eggo brand was more popular than it had been in many, many years. And indeed, we now know via a CNN report, Eleven’s affinity for frozen waffles translated to big sales for Kellogg.

As the site reports, interest in the Eggo brand had been waning prior to the Summer 2016 arrival of “Stranger Things,” as had overall sales. But Eleven’s love of Eggo Waffles reminded us that we love them too, and the numbers show that many raced out to buy them up for binge-watching sessions.

Sales of the waffles surged in the wake of Season 1’s premiere, and the company again saw a notable spike in sales when Season 2 of the series arrived in October 2017.

CNN details, “The second season of Stranger Things came out in October of 2017, and Kellogg said it led to the most-ever monthly mentions for the brand on social media. Eggo released special waffle recipes paired with each of the season’s episodes.”

When Eggo waffles became a fixture on the hit show ‘Stranger Things’, we quickly leveraged the [resulting] consumer engagement,” chief executive Steven Cahillane recently said. “It sparked conversations. And it prompted consumers to reconsider a long-established brand in new and very contemporary ways.”

Naturally, now that most Netflix subscribers are long done with the second season of “Stranger Things,” Eggo Waffle sales have again dropped. The company is hopeful that the upcoming third season, likely arriving sometime in 2019, will again bring in a surge of sales and social media popularity for their frozen waffles.

After all, when Eleven eats Eggo Waffles, we do too.

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