"Stranger Things" Star Reveals What Happened to the Byers Family's Dog, Who Vanished After Season One - Bloody Disgusting
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“Stranger Things” Star Reveals What Happened to the Byers Family’s Dog, Who Vanished After Season One



As you may recall, the Byers family had a pet dog in the first season of “Stranger Things, named Chester in the script. Oddly, as many noticed and pointed out on social media and even with articles, Chester mysteriously vanished by the time Season 2 came around; he didn’t make a single appearance in Season 2, leading many fans to wonder what happened to him.

At an event over the weekend, Noah “Will Byers” Schnapp finally spilled the beans…

Um, I mean, I don’t know — I mean, I think he died, didn’t he?” Schnapp replied, when asked what happened to Chester. “He did. I mean, I’m sure, you could tell, I guess. In [Season 3] there’s like a grave for him, that you see.”

In an interview with Howard Stern back in 2016, “Stranger Things” star David Harbour had noted that the dog who played Chester was a nightmare to work with, so we can only assume he was removed from the series due to being a bit too unruly to be a proper television star.

In any event, we finally know what happened to Chester. Thanks, Noah.

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