Hulu's "Into the Dark" April Fool's Day Episode Gets This Awesome Title [Exclusive] - Bloody Disgusting
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Hulu’s “Into the Dark” April Fool’s Day Episode Gets This Awesome Title [Exclusive]



Just last week, Hulu launched the Blumhouse-produced 12-part anthology series “Into the Dark” with plans to release a new episode every month for an entire year. While the first episode, “The Body”, tackles Halloween, the second will celebrate Thanksgiving and so on.

Bloody Disgusting got a small scoop this morning, learning that the April Fool’s Day episode will be directed by Adam Mason (Blood River, The Devil’s Chair, Broken, Junkie, Luster) and goes by this absolutely incredible title: “I’m Just Fucking With You”. Gregg Zehentner and Scott Barkan cowrote the episode which is expected to air, obviously, next April.

Also, the August 2019-themed episode is titled “School Spirit” and will celebrate the return to school. That episode is written and will be directed by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller.

“Into the Dark’s” second episode, “Flesh & Blood”, will premiere on November 2, 2018.

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