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Here’s What’s Going On With Maggie On “The Walking Dead,” Via a Statement from Producers



Oddly enough, the November 4th episode of “The Walking Dead” wasn’t just the final episode for Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes but also (for now) the final episode for Lauren Cohan‘s Maggie Rhee. While Rick’s departure from the series was heavily promoted, you wouldn’t have known it was also Maggie’s last episode, which showrunner Angela Kang noted shortly after it aired. Granted, we had known going into Season 9 that Cohan was leaving the series to film ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier,” but Maggie sure wasn’t written out of the show like Rick.

So what’s going on here? Will Cohan ever be coming back to “The Walking Dead”? That seems up in the air, but the show’s producers assure that Maggie’s story isn’t finished.

Maggie’s last episode this season was 905, but it isn’t the end of Maggie’s story,” Kang and Scott Gimple noted in an official statement this week. “We love Lauren Cohan and hope to have her back on the big program and/or beyond and we have built the story to service that.

It’s possible that Maggie’s story could continue either in a future season of the series, or possibly in one of the Andrew Lincoln-starring films that are currently in the works.

For now, all we know is that Maggie has left her friends behind, and there was clearly some kind of massive rift between her and Michonne that caused her to leave Hilltop.

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